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About DIIF

Divine Intervention Impact Foundation (D.I.I.F), is an Organization that is set towards raising a generation of success-motivated individuals that are determined to fulfill their purpose, no matter their backgrounds. With this big picture ahead, we are passionate about putting in place various helpful projects and initiatives that would connect and sponsor these African geniuses with growth-motivated avenues and helpful resources in a bid to help them actualize their various dreams. D.I.I.F was birthed from the burning passion of her President, Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo O. Okene, who aims to give back to the society; to raise future giants, groom the existing ones into becoming more, and render quality support to those in dire need of such.

Established in September, 2017 and honorably registered as a Non-profit, non-governmental organization in the year 2020, Divine Intervention Impact Foundation aims to build a remarkable voice beyond the borders of Nigeria by sharing a commendable light of hope, and empowering the less privileged ones.

We are highly motivated towards delivering credible yet helpful services; to maintain a total level of transparency in our organizational structure and Community projects; and more importantly, to build quality trust with our amiable sponsors, that form the heartbeat of our entire functioning as an Organization.

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

To raise a generation of success-motivated people that are set towards fulfilling purpose, no matter their backgrounds.

Our Values

To support future African genius with growth-motivating avenue or resources in a bid to help them live purposefully.

Meet with the best


Oluwafunmilayo Okene

Oluwafunmilayo O. Okene is the founder and C.E.O. of Divine Intervention Impact Foundation. She is a Certified Counselor with 10 years of cognitive experience in counseling services

Ikiseh Franklin Chukwuemeka

He is a senior finance and accounts management professional with over 13 years of experience in managing finance and treasury operations in diverse roles across the organizational hierarchy.

Mr. Toluwaleyi

He is a business development analyst with a background in Human Resources.
He is a strong believer in the importance of the human aspect of our grand existence and our responsibility to each other. This is the drive that fuels his desire to be of service to many more.

Mrs. Dorcas Adesanya

By the Grace of God, she has worked with an organisation called Family Lives. And she once gave a talk in the Parliament in the UK which made the MPs gave more funding to them. It is like a charity organization supporting Families going through difficulties like Domestic Violence, Financial Crisis and so on. She has been in some of their Daily Papers supporting groups. Mainly she supports Families in the UK with different issues. It can be Mothers struggling with breast feeding, encouraging Mothers to breastfeed and so on.

Okene Christian

An energetic professional with proven character, strong work ethics, and high integrity with over twelve years’ wealth of experience in accounting and other related fields.

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