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Together, We Can Make Impact.
Every human deserves a better life, enrich a life today
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a simple kind of gift can shape an abandoned destiny. do it today.
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We Reach Out to Children of All Ages

Children, Teenagers and Youth are not left out in our support to the Community.

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We help build a healthy relationship that will help youth attain their goals in life.


We make a long-lasting impact that shapes the future.


We trust you to trust us to reach those that need help to survive and achieve their dreams.

We support children and youth to reach their full potential

To raise a generation of success-motivated people that are set towards fulfilling purpose, no matter their backgrounds.

Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo O. Okene — Founder & CEO.

Beyond the system of supporting the old people as in the S.T.O.P. project, the increase need to reach out to support other needy persons of all age brackets…

As every thriving community needs the full support of women residents to grow, the need to empower the women folk is never over-emphasized. For this, there is need to create, establish and maintain…

Our T.I.S. project is the teenage-based arm of the organization which helps to build a reliable, consistent…

What people Have to Say

I give thanks to Divine International Intervention Foundation for giving me the opportunity to examine my health condition and for the further treatment I received.
Mrs. Ologe
Ketu Adie-Owe, Ogun State.
Divine International Intervention Foundation for honoured me with a certificate of recognition towards as a woman toward my contribution to the humanity service.
Mrs. Johnson Olajumoke
Ogitech Registrar, Igbesa, Ogun State.
Thanks to Divine International Intervention Foundation for supporting our academic by giving us many excercise books to write and become better in life.
HRM Oba Akinde
Oloja Ekun HRM Oba Abdul-Azeez Akinde
I give thanks to Divine International Intervention Foundation for giving me food stuffs to quench my entire family hunger. Thanks to the founder once agian and again.
Mrs. Felicia Olaniyi
Ketu Adie-Owe, Ogun State.

Who We Are

Divine Intervention Impact Foundation (D.I.I.F), is an Organization that is set towards raising a generation of success-motivated individuals that are determined to fulfill their purpose, no matter their backgrounds. With this big picture ahead, we are passionate about putting in place various helpful projects and initiatives that would connect and sponsor these African geniuses with growth-motivated avenues and helpful resources in a bid to help them actualize their various dreams. 

D.I.I.F was birthed from the burning passion of her President, Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo O. Okene, who aims to give back to the society; to raise future giants, groom the existing ones into becoming more, and render quality support to those in dire need of such.

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