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DIIF Secured Educational Support for 40 Kids in Underserved Community

DIIF Secured Educational Support, that is educational materials for 40 kids in underserved community — October 10, 2021. Vitalink Academy gave educational school gave educational scholarships for two children namely Sodgla Ruth and Adeniyi Elizabeth, of them is fatherless and the other is motherless.

The Divine Intervention impact foundation through the founder and director of the Non-Governmental Organization OKENE Oluwafunmilayo has secured an educational sponsorship for 11 year Old fatherless girl and 11years old motherless girl, Miss Adeniyi Elizabeth and Sodegla Ruth respectively.

The duo were also supported with writing materials by the Foundation, the report capturing that the duo were having challenges due to inability to fulfill financial obligations.

Following the supply of educational materials for kids in Ketu, Faith city and Lusuda, the Foundation also visited Orile gboko primary school and supported 26 less privileged kids with writing materials. DIIFgist.

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