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Divine Intervention Impact Foundation Launches Operation Feed an Orphan

Divine Intervention Impact Foundation Launches Operation Feed an Orphan

In a bid to address the pressing issue of child hunger and vulnerability within our community, Divine Intervention Impact Foundation has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative titled “Operation Feed an Orphan.” This transformative programme is designed to provide sustenance and hope to vulnerable children, with the inaugural event scheduled to take place on May 27th at Ketu Adie-Owe Community School at 10 am.

The essence of “Operation Feed an Orphan” lies in its simplicity and profound impact. With the programme aptly tagged “Feed an Orphan with N1000,” the foundation aims to harness the spirit of giving and compassion to make a tangible difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. Each donation, no matter how small, has the power to nourish and uplift these vulnerable youngsters, instilling in them a sense of hope and positivity for the future.

Recognizing the strength of collective action, Divine Intervention Impact Foundation is extending an invitation to individuals and organizations alike to join hands in supporting this noble cause. Through sponsorship and donations, the foundation seeks to expand its reach and provide essential food supplies to even more orphaned children, offering them a chance at a brighter tomorrow.

Partnership with Divine Intervention Impact Foundation presents a unique opportunity for sponsors to fulfill their moral obligation while making a meaningful impact in the lives of vulnerable children. Sponsors will not only receive acknowledgment during the event but also have the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative effect of their generosity on the beneficiaries.


Speaking on the initiative, a representative of Divine Intervention Impact Foundation emphasized the importance of collective efforts in addressing social challenges and urged the public to seize this opportunity to contribute to a cause that is dedicated to uplifting the less fortunate.

In line with its commitment to transparency and accountability, Divine Intervention Impact Foundation has provided details for sponsorship donations:
Account No: 1214037497
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account Name: Divine Intervention Impact Foundation.

As the launch of “Operation Feed an Orphan” draws near, the foundation remains steadfast in its mission to create a brighter and more compassionate world for all. Together, with the support of generous sponsors and donors, Divine Intervention Impact Foundation believes that positive change is not only possible but inevitable.

For further inquiries and sponsorship details, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Divine Intervention Impact Foundation via http//

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